Violence Against Women

SCMP Violence Against Women Initiative

The VAW Initiative mission is to bring an end to violence against women AND to support womenís autonomy and financial independence through education, financial support to direct service domestic violence programs, and policy.


In December of 2010, Sylvie Cachay, a rising star in the fashion industry, was murdered by her boyfriend of only six months. Sylvie was a strong, independent, energetic, intelligent, financially secure, and successful fashion designer. Despite her inner strength and repeated attempts to leave the relationship, she was unable to for many of the reasons common to victims of violent perpetrators. In the days leading to her murder, her killer exhibited behaviors common of abusers, including excessive jealousy, controlling behavior, hypersensitivity, volatility, hostile language, breaking objects, and threatening violence. It is our hope that the events that led to Sylvie's tragic end will serve as an opportunity to learn about the warning signs of a violent partner and the importance and urgency of leaving when early signs are detected. Despite Sylvie's death, the passion and joy with which she lived her life, we hope, will serve as inspiration for other young women to persevere in the face of difficulty and to pursue thier dreams and thrive.

Donations support all three SCMP Initiatives: Violence Against Women, Scholarships, and Animal Lovers. Donors may identify a specific initiative when making a donation to apply 100% of the contribution towards their initiative of choice. Write "VAW" in the additional notes section of Paypal or in the memo section of your check to fully support this initiative.


Funds donated to the Violence Against Women Intiative support organizations endorsed by the domestic violence and sexual assault awareness organization NO MORE.


Sylvie Cachay